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Can I book a first session?

Yes, you can book your first get-to-know-coaching session. This call is 30 minutes long and allows you to feel and see how it is to work with either one of us, or with both of us together as your Ascension Coach.

What exactly does Ascension Coaching mean?

Ascension coaching means that you have decided to receive support from someone who can assist you in moving forward in your spiritual journey.

What does a session cost?

You can find the list of our services and prices under the menu item "Services".

What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are people who were created to be each other's perfect complement and mirror, helping each other learn and grow as individuals. Twin Flames are each other's one true love, and everyone on Earth has one.

How do I find my Twin Flame?

You find your Twin Flame first in your heart, because the Twin Flame journey is primarily an inner journey that connects you back to your emotional world. Since we create our own reality based on our beliefs, we must first find and dissolve all the barriers we built to receiving love. You find your true love first in your heart and only then can you recognize him/her in your external reality.

What is "the calling"?

Everyone works, whether at home or in a company. For yourself or a boss. No matter who you are, where you are or what you do, you work in some way. And when you live your vocation, so perceive and live out the call in your heart, you pursue your vocation and feel true joy and love while earning money.

What is an upset?

An upset is a place in our heart where we are not feeling good or loved. It can manifest through a feeling of anger, hurt, sadness, etc. about a person or a situation. The way to heal an upset is by first  recognizing the "not so good" feeling and then applying the Mirror Exercise as taught by Jeff & Shaliea, to bring love into that space. Doing this whenever we don't feel good about something/someone, allows us to heal ourselves into our natural way of being, which is peace. From this point of peace within you, you draw all that is good and that belongs to you, this includes your Twin Flame and your perfect job too.

What is upheaval?

Upheaval is when all teh energy attached to the healed upset comes to the surface to be released. The difference between and upset and upheaval is that the first has emotional charge while the second is not. Is the stage of the healing that allows the old to leave you and the new energy you invited to be integrated. Through this process, you automatically come into a place of peace again. The upheaval is also part of your healing process, therefore, it is never appropriate to ignore or suppress this phase, on the contrary, it is a time in which you can cultivate being more compassionate, loving and mindful of yourself and what you need to feel better.

Who are Jeff & Shaleia?

Jeff Ayan & Shaleia Clare Ayan are a Twin Flame couple in Harmonious Union for over 7 years. They are the founders of Twin Flames Universe and authors of the book "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover". Together, with the help of their spiritual teacher, they found the way into their permanent harmonious Twin Flame Union and have been teaching others how they too can achieve this for themselves through their Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class.

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